Nadia Cannon


Model Interview


1.What state city are you from?

Detroit, Mi currently living in East point Mi

2.How long yo u been Model or actor?

I’ve only been modeling for a month or two now

3.What do you love about Modeling?

I really love the art behind modeling and how it’s not as simple as standing in front of a camera, you really have to be apart of the scenery and form a relations


4.Whats the biggest achievement so far?

My biggest personal achievement would have to be how versatile I am and how I work well with different photographers and models.

5.What have you learned from  this big achievement?

I’ve learned to always be myself and not try to be someone else

6.In the years in be model a example of worst thing that happen to you?

I went to one source talent and it was just a horrible experience it seemed like they were trying to scam me and told every

one the same thing.

How can you avoid this worst happen to you?

Follow my gut feeling and if something doesn’t feel right.. RUN!

What is the next step in your career?

I really don’t know, I’m trying new things and just seeing how far my two feet will take me.

Guest photogarher Chris Ahern

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